Some Menu selections above are a work in progress
Vehicle in gear. SUB Menu button - Green Arrow - changes to a Locked symbol to meet current LAW requirements with no SUB Menus available. When the vehicle is moving, the Honda symbol changes to a fast update GPS driven speed display.

GPS speed is updated 10 times per second. In other words, new updated speed data is sent from the GPS receiver module every 100 milliseconds 
Car PC DAB radio screen with digital station slide show.
Car PC Home Screen: Vehicle IGN in Accessory and Sub Menus are available. Some of the available Sub Menus are:

Digital DSP adjust, Internet Browser, Honda Diagnostic system and Various system setup screens Including: Auto setup of Steering wheel voltage switching, Auto screen Backlight tracking to Vehicle PWM dash-light voltage and logic. Auto Sound level adjustment with speed. 
The screen show the HVAC OFF - IGN in accessory - HVAC in Auto with Dual mode and HVAC in Semi Auto with Fan and Vent override.

Button lights (turn RED) in response to the current state of the Vehicle HVAC data. This is a real time instantaneous display of all HVAC status.

Touching a button sends a command to the HVAC system. There will be no corresponding change in the display unless the HVAC system acknowledges the command and responds with the current new state.

All button touches and HVAC responses are virtually instantaneous. This system has been running for years without a single glitch.

Temperature is changed up or down via Touch screen or the Encoder on the feDrive panel between the front seats - temperature is announced as it changes, pushing the encoder changes from passenger to driver adjustments.  

I purchased a small phone module ($47) and wrote an application as part of the Car- PC Front End software.

This system automatically mutes all other sound and pops up automatically on an incoming call. It will auto answer anyone in the phone book and announce their name.

A touch of the encoder button mounted between the seats will manually answer any other call and hangup when finished.

It is designed correctly for touch screen display and like all information in the Front End, audio prompts are available.

For most calls this is a totally Auto Answer - Auto Hangup system with beautiful hands free audio through the vehicle sound system.            
Car PC Voltage Diagnostics

Voltage, Switch, Steering Wheel button data, PWM dashlight voltages and Micro controller Communication activity.

Never really used as nothing has gone wrong (as yet)
Below are but a few of over 40 application and setup screens that have been written into the Car-PC Front End Software.

The 5 Major screens used while driving: HVAC, GPS, RADIO, MUSIC, PHONE are controlled or selected by the Steering Wheel Buttons in the ACCORD, they are also controlled by the feDrive panel between the front seats and of course directly via the Touch Screen Display. Front End software also incorporates Auto Volume referenced to Vehicle speed.

The main player screen for over 1000 music files currently in the system with room for 1000's more.

Random, Folder and Sequential play modes are selectable in the Palyer settings screen.

Song list is scrolled via the feDrive encoder or the Touch Screen. Next - Previous and Next Random song select are also controlled from the Accord Steering wheel buttons. 
Car PC DAB radio Station list. Station slection can be made via the Steering wheel CH +/- buttons, the feDrive encoder or touch.  
Setup Menu: Basically all settings needed for the module to work with my software are here. If a new module were to be connected, just run through each item and press the write button.

Current setting along with updated settings are decoded and displayed in English.

The function of each command is shown in the lower window and the current AT command is shown on the Button. Pressing the test button loads the current command into an edit line so the command can be sent and read back in native format. This allows them to be compared to actual command results in the AT programming document/manual for testing.

Of course any AT command can be entered and tested here.