This site is a guide only.

I gathered information and made notes of my own DIY steps for my future reference.

Friends who own similar cars knew about my DIY servicing and asked me for some tips on how to do it themselves, some live interstate and OS, it's how this site started.

I am sharing this information with you and I make no claim about it's accuracy.

It's up to you to research, check and confirm every measurement and every suggested step of these DIY notes and hints.

Even commercial service manuals have incorrect information and mistakes. As an example, one manual has the tightening sequences reversed in the engine rebuild section.

You follow any step or instruction found on this site at YOUR OWN RISK.

You are liable for any damage you do.

You must verify every value, adjustment, direction, suggestion, instruction and text found on this site.

You are liable for any damage you do by following any step or instruction on this site.

Some DIY service requires a certain degree of familiarity and understanding of mechanical and engine fundamentals.

Don't tackle any DIY unless you understand every step and have the knowledge to know when an instruction or suggestion is wrong and could lead to damage or injury.

Even a simple DIY like changing a wheel, if done incorrectly, could kill you. If you cannot see how - Stop now - You are not thinking of everything that could go wrong.