Roll your own data logger and display device:

Especially if wanting to add a Pressure sensor for ATF cooler line PSI or other sensor inputs.

Thermocouple Amplifier AD595-AQ $17.50 US from

An example of how simple the AD595 is to wire up:
NOTE: they are using an Arduino to interface this:  Just hook-up the K-thermo to the AD595-AQ and you get 10mv pre deg° C at the output, so 100mv = 10° C and 1V =  100°C - I used the Maximite shown below.
If anyone wants to play around with a simple (but powerful) standalone micro controller that is programmed in an English like programming language called Basic, it's called a Maxmite and this version of basic was specially written for the Maximite and it's offshoots.

I can supply the Maximite code and Chart software for FREE and a Windows Sensor display program if needed.
Note: The Maximite does not need a programmer or any other purchased software and is very (very) easy to start programming and having fun with.

The Maximite includes Data logging/ file saving to an inbuilt removable SD card. This is what I used for the interface to the K-Thermos and Pressure sensor. I can email the program I wrote for free.

The Maximite connects via USB to my Car Computer (or any Windows PC): The only other connection is a plug coming from the various sensors, power is via USB the connection. It has a socket for a standard PS2 keyboard and can be powered externally from 12v or from the USB connection as I have

I can email the program I wrote for free and can help with a Windows screen application and Graph display software if required

NOTE: The maximite can output data (as is) to a standard LCD monitor or to a low cost small 2 line LCD display. This device can be uses for almost any vehicle automation task you can think of. The program can be modified, run and worked on from the Maximite itself as it resides on the SD card and the maximite has a full screen editor built in.

This page for the original Colour and Monochrome units.
Here is a basic version for those wanting to add only what thet need. It's programmed in Basic exactly as the Maximite - The designer of the Maximite has information and setup for this board on his site listed above. Cost is around $39 from Sparkfun. USB 32-Bit Whacker - PIC32MX795 Development Board

The MicroMite can be had for as low a $7 to $15 if you are handy with a soldering iron and it runs full Mbasic as above.
The MiniMite is a cut down version of the Maximite, with or without Video connectors and SD card.
Screen grab of my Car computer ATF monitor screen. NOTE: Not actual readings from the vehicle but from the test setup.
This is part of my Front End software and is touch screen controlled. It's also controlled from the steering wheel buttons and from a control panel between the front seats. Touching the Temperature meters will switch from °C to °F and back.

Sensor Updates can be set from 100ms to 1 second. Pressing the Record button tells the Maxmite to start recording a log file to the SD card with automatic file name creation.

Turning the vehicle off signals the Maximite to save any log file if it's still open. Recordings can be stopped and started at any time from the Touch screen.
The MiniMite

I have just finished coding the Micro computer firmware to convert the OEM ATF temperature sensor voltage to temperature in 1° steps from -10°C to 150 °C.  This data can be sent out via a USB connection or for a standalone unit it can be displayed on a 2 Line LCD. Code is for the MaxiMite above and the MiniMite below.

The MiniMite Board comes with a removable extension that's used for connecting any of the following: SD card reader socket, standard VGA output connector for an LCD screen, composite Video out or Keyboard. It can be cut off for using the Mini for a small embedded application.

Below are a few pictures of the Mini.