USING the EXISTING COOLER/WARMER: The existing filter housing has a banjo pipe fitting that runs towards the rear of the transmission. A small piece of hose connects this fitting (outlet) to another short banjo fitting at the rear of the transmission (Inlet). This hose is removed and a new transmission cooler and/or external Magnefine filter is connected between these two fittings.

When adding a Magnefine filter and transmission cooler it's annoying having to run a hose from the existing banjo pipe fitting attached to the end of the filter housing as this existing fitting is quite long and snakes towards the rear of the transmission. The solution is to order the same banjo fitting as the rear inlet fitting. This is a short straight fitting and in most cases can be faced towards the front of the vehicle when bolted to the End of the filter housing.

If adding Magnefine filter only - using the short fitting may make the installation a bit easier - face it to the rear as the original - this gives you plenty of hose slack to play with. It's not a long piece of hose in any case, the only extra clips needed are two for the Magnefine filter. You can remove (or cut) the rear hose where it joins the old long fitting - leave the existing hose attached to the rear Banjo fitting as that is a shit to remove. This should make for a quick and simple installation. You need to remove the battery and intake filter housing to get plenty of room to do this. 

Looking down in front of the transmission while standing at the side of the vehicle. The battery and battery platform have been removed.

I found this a convenient place for the filter. Choose a location that will allow movement without binding or chafing of the hoses when the motor and transmission twist on their mounts under heavy acceleration and deceleration.

All bends in the transmission hose must be very gentle to eliminate any restriction to the flow of oil.
You can see a hose running from the rear Banjo fitting, it's alongside the new short Banjo fitting which is now facing forward and attached to the end of the filter housing.

If you only want to add a
Magnefine filter: Run a hose from the Banjo fitting at the end of the existing filter housing to the inlet of the Magnefine filter, run the outlet of the Magnefine to the existing Banjo fitting at the rear of the transmission.

You have to make a decision to either keep the existing filter in the housing and run two filters in series or remove the existing filter from the housing and run the Magnefine only. I am concerned with reducing oil flow with two filters in series so I chose to leave the existing filter out. You may also choose to replace the existing filter, leave out the Magnefine and run the hoses straight to the new cooler.
Optional transmission cooler installation, this unit is attached to the rear of the bumper.

Not shown in the picture is a small shroud that surrounds the cooler to stop air spilling over and around the cooler.

A hose from the end of the existing filter housing runs to the inlet of the new magnefine filter, from there it runs to the transmission cooler. A hose then exits the cooler and runs to the existing Banjo fitting at the rear of the transmission.