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-Boat Anchor Manual Archive

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-N2CKH Radio Reference Library

-GM3SEK,s Amateur Radio Technical Notebook

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-Lloyd Butler VL5BR

-HomeBrew Directory at AF4K

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-Linears at I5UXJ

-AA3SJ Lots of Home brew info

-N2PK Vector Network Anlyzer

-HomeBrew spec analyser + more

-Ve7CA Receivers and test gear

-OZ2CPU Projects

-YO3DAC Technical and Homebrew
-Antenna Topics from K6MHE

-Antennex Site

-AC6V's Homebrew Antennas Links

-AC6V's Radio and DX reference guide

-W4RNL L.B Cebik

-W8WWV Antenna and Other Experiments

-W8JI Amateur Radio site
-Propagration Theory Notes KN4LF

-K9LA Amateur Radio Propagation

Magnetic Loop Aerials
-VK5KLT Leigh and Lloyd VK5BR A very in -depth discussion hosted on VK5BAR site

-Transmitting Loop for 14MHz and 21MHz

-W2BRI's Magnetic Loop Site

-Vk3JKY Project

-K9ESE Experiments

-HB9MTN 160m Loop

-Dick Benson W1QG Loops and More

-W4KSY Love my Loop

-G3YMC VLF Loops

-www.Magneticloop Look at PDF

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